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of the united states. >> america needs this new direction. we cannot go on the pat we are on, we must restore america's strength and i will do it with your help. >> students started cheering as mitt romney's motorcade passed by. >> and students gathered to honor the life of a hercules woman who was the victim of a brutal attack on friday night. he took place in front of a home where 55-year-old suzanne was beaten and stabbed to death. people came to honor her and talk about the impact she made in their lives. >> she is just a great person, it is more difficult to speak about her in past tense. >> police are asking for the public's help in minding her car, it is sky blue with idaho license plates. they are joining the effort in an sort of find her killer. >>> coming up at 6:45 we will tell you about a scary thing that happened to a woman on a walking trail. this is not the first time this has happened on that same trail. >>> a oakland police found the boy at 11:00 last night in the area of telegraph. that is more than three miles away from where he got lost while riding a scooter with his fath
the largest in the united states. they pay about a million dollars in taxes. >>> lance armstrong is fighting back. they released a report with a list of accusations involving performance enhancing drugs. coming up some of the charges in that 200 page report and what armstrong calls the case against the cyclist. >>> and on the bridge of i will limb -- brink of elimination, tara moriarty is live in san francisco as the countdown begins for the big giants game in san francisco. >> reporter: well, there is a 10:00 game start so a lot of people are playing hookey and fans will plan catch their teams later today and they will have a chance after pulling off a nail biting game last night. >> the oakland a's will live another day... [applauds] >> reporter: they rally from behind and cocoa crisp made the game winning hit and they congratulated him with a whipped cream pie to the face. >> this is a great team. they are going to come back and win... [crowd noise] [applauds] >> reporter: and the giants pulled off an 8-3 win over the reds and that forced a winner takes all game 5 in the national division
.5 million are without power in the united states. >>> they are expected to make a final ruling on whether the pipeline explosion can seek punitive damages. the pipeline blast killed several people and destroyed 38 homes. more than 50 lawsuits have been filed against pg&e. they are attempting to settle the claims but they could decide on larger punitive damages if the cases go to trial. >>> a strong earthquake hit the west coast which was an after shot on saturday. the 6.2 after shock followed the 7.7 quake and that one prompted a tsunami warning in southern california. both are located off the queen charlotte islands. there was 6.3 in that same general area on sunday. >>> back here at home, all lanes in what -- sonoma are closed because of a deadly accident which happened before 9:00 in the sea ranch area. chp said a car went over the road and burst into flames. the driver was pronounced dead at the scene and nobody else was hurt. >>> let's check in with sal for traffic, sal? >>> pam and dave, we have had some fog moving around the area and some areas are foggy and it's changing out to th
will honor temporary work permits, allow them to stay in the united states because of president barack obama's recent executive order. reporting live from washington d.c., allison burns, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> don't forget, we will bring you the coverage live and the debate will be followed by a special addition of our ktvu news. >>> and they are warning about identity theft after several male thefts were reported in novato. 2 dozen mailboxes were reported on school road and crest road. the mail stolen included personal checks, credit cards and other items containing financial information. if you have any information about these thefts, get in contact with the police. >>> in berkeley, get in contact with the city lie -- sit-lie ordinance where people would be banned during certain hours. some say it's good for business but some protesters say the law targets homeless. >>> nurses walked off the job just a few minutes ago in a strike that is scheduled to last more than 24 hours. hundreds of replacement nurses have been hired and hospitals will stay open, however they will be closed in
. that is because the western united states is expected to have unusually warm and dry weather this season. that is from the national oceanic administration. >> you know where your umbrella is? >> of course in my car. [ laughter ] >>> we have new information about another damaged boat that will be competing for the america's cup. what happened yesterday during testing out on the bay and the social ceremony that is now getting pushed back. >>> the san mateo bridge will be shut down this weekend. we'll tell you what crews are doing and why they picked now to do it. >>> good morning opinion. on southbound 101 coming in through the marin county area so far so good. >>> good morning. it's going to be cooler today. boy it's really warm right now. especially along the coast. a lot of 60s. the west wind will kick in and temperatures will start to come down. 70s or low 80s. >>> welcome back. good morning, to you. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we are follows for you right now. just hours ago shots were fired at san francisco police officers who were trying to pull a car over. no pol
-year-old pakistani girl shot in the headrailed to the united states to be with her. she arrived ten days ago in britain after her condition was getting worse. she is now recovering at an encouraging speed according to doctors. pakistani officials have made several arrests in her case but are still searching for the main suspect. >>> time is 6:25. back here at home the port of oakland now investigating the latest revelation uncovered by a continuing ktvu investigation into questionable public expenditures. the first report led to the port placing two executives on paid leave. now we have learned international marketing manager lawrence spent $550 last year at an oakland business that called itself a private room karaoke bar. but neighbors are claiming it's actually a front for prostitution. now on an expense report he wrote it was a business meeting with four chinese merchants. >> there are certainly deep concern at the port. mixture of shock and dismay. that is why we are taking it seriously. >> now he was also reimbursed for thousands of dollars for stays at exclusive hotels. so fa
as the storm moves west. so far those cans lakes have caused a shortage of more than 9,000 units of blood and platelet donations across the states. the red cross has sent seven members from the bay area to help victims as part of the relief efforts. they have joined others across the nation to set up shelters and serve meals and snacks to the victims. >> we've got all of the stuff that we need to surf people food in the -- serve people food in the field and in these cabinets, we have heating and air conditioning units, safety equipment, the extra seat for a person to sit in advance sit -- transit or to serve food out a window. >> now you can text to red cross and that delivers a $10 donation to the red cross or you can donate blood. just call 1800-red-cross again the drive here, the blood donation drive here will begin at 11:30 a.m. and go until 6:00 hp in san -- 6:00 p.m. in san jose. >> that is good information, pam. >> yes, definitely. sal has more information on your commutes how are we looking? some of the bart stations are beginning to fill up now and one viewer said the area is hal
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7